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It feels like Monday

I was looking forward to enjoying my first of many cups of coffee for the day, but when I opened the cupboard and took the jar out (so I don't brew my coffee, so what), the jar was empty. So /that's/ what I'd forgotten to buy when I was at the store the last time. All the while I was doing my shopping I had this feeling I was forgetting to do something but couldn't figure out what. Well /now/ I remember. Gah. I'm going to be a right bitch until I can get me some java.

In this old post ( I had mentioned how I had seen some episodes of Nadesico but had only watched it for a while because it had grated on my nerves.

Well this past weekend, out of boredom I borrowed the discs from E.V. (my beta reader for those who don't know) and sat though the remaining episodes. I'm glad I did because I've changed my mind about the whole thing. It ended up being quite funny to watch after all and was in fact kinda sad to see it end.

That was the big fancy highlight of my weekend; that and the small informal-potluck-BYOB thing I had at my place on Friday night.

It just occured to me that with the exception of E.V., I haven't really mentioned my journal and sites to anyone from real life (I've had these sites for just over a year). I guess it's because not only has the subject never come up (strange, that) but also because I've never felt the need to volunteer that information.

It's Hump Day, thank God.
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