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The American voice behind Roger Smith

So anyway, Big O's second season is going to begin airing this Sunday and boy, that sneak preview got me even more excited than when I first heard Cartoon Network was including the show in their Adult Swim lineup. The new stuff does look like it's gonna kick major ass.

Because of this, I became interested in finding more about David Lucas, the man who does the voice over for Roger Smith. Wanted to know what he looked like. Heck, I know what David Kaye looks like and what his bio is simply because he has his own web site.

Not so with David Lucas. In doing a search on him, I discovered (and this is belated news to those who have been fans for a longer time than I have) that he is a very private and paranoid person and that there are so far, no images of him posted in public. As a fan, it's naturally disappointing. But I can understand completely his reticence in exposing to the public too much of himself and his family, not because I know what stardom is like but because I'm just naturally paranoid myself.
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