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Vicky's Residence

Location: an old building in Paradigm City

Victoria "Vicky" Thripp is a thirty-two year old woman from the Midwest. In the first half of 2003 she created a WebSite, calling it "Vicky's Anime and Manga Workstation;" at the same time, she took up the unofficial position of observer of the fan community and its endless and varied drama. Fiercely independent, she has managed to remain single all these years, much to the dismay of her mother and the puzzlement of her two sisters, who have always thought Vicky a bit too nerdy for their tastes. Aside from anime, her other interests include Japanese movies (Ichi the Killer, Another Heaven, Sharkskin Man and Peach Hip Girl), celebrating with friends, writing, and reading. A city dweller for the last eight years--and loving every minute of it--she lives alone in a highrise with a couple of potted herbs (Parsley and Basil) and a few well-stocked bookshelves.